XXY | itfashion.com

Fashion is a means of communicating who you are. Through fashion we articulate our affinities and beliefs, it allows us to position ourselves in a cultural landscape with its infinite social niches. With her unisex brand XXY, Tamara Hauser has given us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves every day. Her multifunctional handmade pieces that are […]

Maska Knits

From Sweden, MASKA brings us contemporary knitwear with an irresistible scandinavian touch. Far from fleeting trends, the brand has a rhythm of its own, marked by the work of its artisan kintters and its quest for a sober aesthetic that, every now and then, is altered by a good dose of avantgarde. Maria Svensson and […]

Soreveign and Beck

Ryan Sovereign and William Beck are the design power duo behind Sovereign & Beck, the long-saught answer to the needs of the modern dandy. Both graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design, they started out back in 2006, driven by their mutual love interest: vintage ties and music. With their fresh approach to traditional […]

Anna’s visualizations

Browsing through Anna Duthie’s online portfolio you realize that you’re on to something unique. Specialized in embroidery for fashion at Glasgow School of Art, this young textile designer’s eye for textures and contrasts becomes evident in her rich and conceptually sound work. We have especially fallen for her incredibly smart lookbook, consisting of handmade collages, […]