A watercolor project: Milla Jovovich by Marcelona Gutièrrez, Marella FW14

Marcela Gutierrez was unexpectedly seduced by the world of painting. While she was doing the Central Saint Martins Fashion Design BA she started working with Marc Jacobs or John Galliano. When she began to collaborate with Alexander McQueen designing patterns definitely her career was led towards the illustration. Since then, her recognizable paintings of realistic […]

Mixeur: our other me

You should know that others can see in you what you can’t see in yourself. The young illustrator Lara Costafreda has built her last project under this premise. “Mixeur: The impossible part of ourselves” was created in an illustrated brunch that Lara organized at her studio with 15 illustrators. Vanila BCN, Bernat Solsona, Kira Diez Intxaustegi, […]

Life in motion is much better

Laurene Boglio animated illustrations are wonderful. Fresh and with a great sense of humor they remind us that the sparke of life is in the most little things. A funny dance, swing on the park, some beers with friends…I’m sure you want more of this, so just check out her Tumblr! .

Reality bites with Natalia Swarz

A part of looking at, you must read Natalia Swarz illustrations. Love (and heartbreak) inspire that short tales based on true stories: “behind each one of my drawings there is somone that I love or an asshole that broke my heart” explains the Colombian illustration in her site. If you don’t want to lose next episodes of her […]

Historia de celos

This is a story of two discoverings related by envy. It has been The jealous curator who introduced us to the irresistible watercolour portraits of Lisa Krannichfeld and her “Glass menagerie” serie. An addictive blog where the author posts all the works of art that inspire her and make her feel jealous. “Damn I wish I thought that” thinks […]

Fumi Koike’s world

Fumi Koike’s illustrations there are silence, a lot of silence. That kind you can enjoy when you wake up early, in the morning. Light comes through the windows and everyone else is sleep. Her illustrations smell of fresh brewed coffe. With no hurries, she stops at things are close to her. A pair of shoes, […]

Girls and plants

So many days waiting to share that wonderful serie Plants from Rachel Levit. Born in Mexico, actually she lives in Brooklyn and spends her life nourishing her porfolio, full of interesting works. Bisides the illustrations, she does ceramics, really nice patterns and edits a delicious fanzine called Sad Girls. You can follow her at Rien […]

El Colmillo de Morsa a tres bandas

Last week to visit the exhibition organizad by el Colmillo de Morsa with the illustrator Mikel Pascal and the photographer Anne Galan. Together they interpret the next Fall Winter Collection of this brand from Barcelona through photography, illustration and fashion. Till 6th of July in the chic space Mar de Cava, Valenci 293 street in Barcelona. And […]

Grace Coddington’s memories

The film The September Issue, which documents the production of longest American Vogue, revealed hipersensitive Grace Coddington role. Out of date issues of the magazine that arrived late to Wales, waked her passion for fashion up as a teenager. The magazine was also the platform where she began her career of modeling and also of […]

Spring in motion

Primavera animada! | itfashion.com

In a spontaneous branding exercise, @monkofstyle plays dress up with the most famous animated cartoon heroines with the spring summer 2013 must haves. A funny wink to the fashion industry from Jerome LaMaar, who in his blog confesses “My religion is Style” and has gained visibility with this game. The illustrated girls have been catwalking before […]

Virgins of Perverseness

Our friends Carla and Jessica illustrators, known as the duo Crajes have traveled to Manila with 15 unpublished portraits for the exhibition Virgins of perverseness, their first solo showing in Asia. The beauty of macabre touches that pervade their works has arrived to Pablo Fort Gallery and drawn for the occasion a female world of […]

An Exhib”ition

In order to celebrate the new “it, we have created a virtual action. It happens here, in the cloud, where we spend most of the day, discovering, sharing, walking and fighting. Is surfing where we find girls with talent, that inspire us and help us to shape “it. With them we wanted to start this […]


I’m completely dumbfounded. It has been Yoko Ono and her new capsule collection for Opening Ceremony. “Fashions for Men: 1962-2012” takes as a starting point pictures that the Japanese artist gave to John Lennon on their wedding. Forty-three years after these drawings come to life in a unique series of pieces in which ONO highlights […]

Of the ursids

The illustrator Sara Landeta has been trying to turn the asphalt of Madrid into an adventurous forest for six months. Struggling with her clumsiness, cluelessness and naivety, she wanted to practice how to be a bear during this time and create her own utopia. This is how she created Of the ursids, the exhibition that […]

Malika Favre

Malika Favre is a French illustrator based in London and reflects on the inspiration of this charming city that never stops. Because London will always be London, source of culture, fashions and trends. Its daily influence provokes her desire to go all the way to the essence of the characters and objects she draws. Pare […]