Obsesión por las flores

Julia Morrison loves fashion, photography and flowers above all else. In her last collection entitled “Alive and Dead” she has created plastic dresses that are at the same time containers for fishes and flowers. But the most interesting thing about her universe is that she is only sisteen and that everything is, for now, a girl’s […]

Ye Rin Mok, she’s the mother

Some years ago, more than ten,Ye Rin Mok was already taking delicate portraits that she uploaded at her website. It was before Instagram, Twitter or even Facebook. The first picture belongs at that early pictures. So I could afirm that she’s the mother of the beautiful pictures. That kind you will recognize because there is skin, […]

Paper Forest

Marsha Golemac proudly signs these precious pieces made of golden paper; geometric rock-like shapes, pine cones and leafs that we would usually find in the forest. This Australian creative works with paper and scissors, inspired by her childhood. This is not about flowers, but it serves the same purpose. If you liked it, don’t forget to […]

Ren Rox

Flowers and pretty faces by  Ren Rox. Double and triple exposure photographs from London.  

Death by color

Photography Leila Cherifi Caballé. Stylist Sushi Pop. Make Up & Hair Lorena Castro. Model Anna Escola @ Uno Models.


Woman Man is a video created by Adriana Hrenciuc borrowing from The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928). This Romania-born Californian expresses a state of confusion caused by to not be a man in a patriarchal society through a delicate and profound piece. An exploration of feminism and sexuality based on the androginy of Joan […]

Broken Flowers

Impacient Jon Shierman dips flowers into liquid nitrogen and smashes them on a white surface for his photographic seriers Broken Flowers (2010). Flowers in pieces still in bright colors, tender petals shattered like delicate porcelain, resulting in a crushing beauty coming from these dramatic moments.

Bows & Bandids

Austrian brand Bows & Bandids is a special resaler of carefully curated vintage clothing and spot-on styling. Autumn/Winter 2012-13 comes with a  lookbook shot by Jacob Pichard and perfectly styled looks for the season: earth tones with reddish accents and silhouette combinations from the 60’s and 70’s with modern classics, braids and flowers. Stylist Siri Thorson […]