Queer through fashion: from the closet to the catwalk

Following the prevailing norm is not always, nor in many cases synonymous with success.  To break the rules in search of a personality, although difficult and courageous, can be a way to conquer the individual space that is our own right.  This exhibition, A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk, shows […]

Cara de mujer bonita by Pastinsky

“Pretty woman face” is the title of that painting and the tip of the iceberg of an extraodinary story, a kind of that is so incredible that just the reality i able to write it. It is the beginning of another tale as well, the MikeiMaike one as a curators duo. Visual artist Mike Swaney and cultural […]

Virgins of Perverseness

Our friends Carla and Jessica illustrators, known as the duo Crajes have traveled to Manila with 15 unpublished portraits for the exhibition Virgins of perverseness, their first solo showing in Asia. The beauty of macabre touches that pervade their works has arrived to Pablo Fort Gallery and drawn for the occasion a female world of […]


Inutiles Julia Vergara SuTurno | itfashion.com

Julia Vergara, 50% of Su Turno, a studio specialized in patterns design, presents her first solo exhibition. This motif artist offers us a new perspective on his already recognizable prints. Mathematically imperfect, Julia humanizes geometries using manual techniques. At Inutiles, Julia extend her pattern games over the paper and they take volume in wood and ceramic. […]

Of the ursids

The illustrator Sara Landeta has been trying to turn the asphalt of Madrid into an adventurous forest for six months. Struggling with her clumsiness, cluelessness and naivety, she wanted to practice how to be a bear during this time and create her own utopia. This is how she created Of the ursids, the exhibition that […]

Exiting the comfort zone

A few weeks ago, Barcelona witnessed the opening of The New York Times Magazine. Fotografies exhibition, a retrospective already shown at Les Rencontres d’Arles photography festival, and also at the FOAM gallery in Amsterdam. This exhibition shows the important role of the afore-mentioned publication in shaping the possibilities of magazine photography through its commissioning and […]

Mapplethorpe Bodies

La exposición consta de una selección de 20 obras de diferentes temáticas unidas a través de una única técnica fotográfica tradicional: la impresión de gelatina de plata.