Las goyanas de Frida Wannerberger

Shocked is how we feel in front of Frida Wannerberger’s illustrations, a pure mirage between fashion and German expressionism. The Sweden Saint Martins’ student’s characters will not disappoint you; they bring us to a world where ugliness meets beauty. Bodies and faces are distorted, gloomy. Their inner sorrow it’s exalted by Byzantine clothing, prints and […]

A Carole Sabas’ day at L.A

Today we are aim to do a hike in Griffith park or a bit of surf on Zuma’s beach; at til lunch in Sunset Tower, ask for Abigail to take you a place outdoors close to pool. Then, it’s time for call round to Corcoran Gallery, recommended by the art’s specialist Dorothee Perret. We go […]

Santal 36: Furniture on hand

Spaniard Myriam Lozano Quilez introuduces us her graduate assignment for Royal College os London, a capsule collection under her own brand called Santal 36. The famous Jean Prouvé’s quote that says: “quality is beauty and functionality.”, is the starting point for that serie of accessories. A group of bags and other accesories that attract us not just for […]

A touching leather

Zoom in: emotion, delightness, tenderness; zoom out, meditation, excitement, indifference under a faint halo of light. There aren’t enough words to describe the pictures captured by Olya Ivanova, a young Russian photographer awarded worldwide in several occasions, who has participated in big magazines such Monocle, Guardian Weekend, Vice and WAD. From Russia, she shows us her lastest shooting session of […]

Triangl: minimalism on the beach

Today we have found Triangl, an Australian bikini brand that delighted us with its eye for detail: from first sketches to advertising creativity. The Australian brand launched three minimalist neoprene bikini models with the names of three girls: Ollie, Chloe and Frankie. Whose included a range variety of colours and patters with suggesting names related to […]

Bag follows shopping

Clarine Chin and Georgia Tribuiani Californian designers say no to paper-or-platic conundrum with, “And So it Goes”, a fresh redesign of the traditional mesh knoted market tote. A totally handcrafted production, made it knot by knot with natural soft cotton cords and leather handles. Adapted to different praxis of shopping, And So it Goes launches […]