Art nouveau

I´ve been researching for a design project and I´ve been sucked into the Wiener Werkstätte floral world. A bunch of different patterns with flowers in various shapes and color combinations were created by this community of artists in Austria around the 1920’s. Impressive textures, detail and optimism.

Paper Forest

Marsha Golemac proudly signs these precious pieces made of golden paper; geometric rock-like shapes, pine cones and leafs that we would usually find in the forest. This Australian creative works with paper and scissors, inspired by her childhood. This is not about flowers, but it serves the same purpose. If you liked it, don’t forget to […]

Ren Rox

Flowers and pretty faces by  Ren Rox. Double and triple exposure photographs from London.  

The Shiny Squirrel

Samantha Hahn illustrates the spring/summer 2013 lookbook of PR firm The Shiny Squirrel, a company created by Jessica Goldfond that focuses on emerging brands, based in New York. Adorning hand painted flowers bring these images into a space in between a photo and a fairytale, mixing it up with designers like Elizabeth Knight or Alexandra Grecco.

Flores opulentas

Carey Mulligan covers the new issue of Flaunt Magazine just in time for her The Great Gatsby premier this week. The editorial inside, shot by duo  Stevie & Mada, it´s a cinematic one, colorful and with a dark mood. Opulence in majestic locations with an elaborate styling by Elizabeth Stewart, with gowns by Alexander McQueen, Valentino […]

About flowers and vases

Hidden Vase is a research project by Chris Kabel with a very clear goal : to make the watering container invisible. This way the flowers are the main focus on the arrangement, as it should be. Photos by Mathijs Labadie for The Plant Journal.


Woman Man is a video created by Adriana Hrenciuc borrowing from The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928). This Romania-born Californian expresses a state of confusion caused by to not be a man in a patriarchal society through a delicate and profound piece. An exploration of feminism and sexuality based on the androginy of Joan […]


Animated illustrations by Tara Dougans represent her unique point of view on 5 spring/summer 2013 collections. Dior, Giambattista Valli, Valentino, Elie Saab and Chanel dress these dramatic girls placed around floral backgrounds with flower crowns.  Just in time for you to decide on what Haute Couture piece will you invest this season… Dougans is an […]

Kids and Flowers

From 2012, Hsiao-Ron Cheng has been creating illustrations of innocent deformations. Kids with flower faces and animal feet compose this world of illusions and reformation. What separates children from animals or plants is as meaningful as what drives them together. Cheng works from Taipei, Taiwan and sells her pieces online from $50.

Fashion Film

Viva Vena |

Vena Cava ‘s lower priced line, Viva Vena!, have worked on a Fashion Film with Matthew Frost where actress Lizzy Caplan runs around the garden wearing a flower crown. Dressed in Viva Vena! Spring 2013, colorful, fun and floral, Lizzy revisits every fashion blog cliché, from the record player, to her thoughts about her talented […]

La Cara

Cara Flower Girl |

We start the second week of the year with one of the hottest models of the moment. The British Cara Delevigne, with a family lineage between high society, fashion and music, is now on the cover of I-D and Korean Vogue, two images accompanied by  flower themed fashion features. In i-D, Delvigne poses in the London […]


Dree Hemingway es una de esas modelos carismáticas, con historia más allá de su trabajo. Bisnieta de Ernest, Dree suele vivir la vida entre fiestas y sesiones de fotos alrededor del mundo. Un mundo, que como escribió Ernest Hemingway, nos daña a todos. Dree parece florecer en sus heridas con la ayuda del estilismo de […]


Tory Noll began her brand almost by accident, when she found a little Oxfords shop in Marrakesh, in the middle of the Flea Market chaos. Since then, she has been creating Oxford shoes upholstered with antique rugs from North Africa, known by their bold patterns and colors. Ten & Co. ´s lookbook by Adam Hribar, shoes the […]


Los Angeles based photographer Jaqueline Gomez draws on inspiration from her upbringing in Venezuela, rituals, Cuban roots, and time spent in forests along the coast. Her photos are a window into a dimension that cannot be seen, but only felt and imagined. The rituals performed in her photos feature beautiful women and elaborate flower arrangements […]

Broken Flowers

Impacient Jon Shierman dips flowers into liquid nitrogen and smashes them on a white surface for his photographic seriers Broken Flowers (2010). Flowers in pieces still in bright colors, tender petals shattered like delicate porcelain, resulting in a crushing beauty coming from these dramatic moments.