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Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Eco Eco Samuji by Maike Moncayo, 16 Oct 2013 Samuji is a creative studio directed by the Finnish Samu -Jussi Kosi, who in a past life was creative director of the design department of the iconic textile brand Marimekko. We stumbled upon his work for the first time past… Read more »

Who Wore It Better

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Who Wore It Better is an obsessive tumblr, which juxtaposes two identical artworks in an interesting comparative exercise borrowed from gossip magazines. While in Hollywood the comparison with another starlet can be quite derogatory, in the art world, this simple gesture has far more momentous connotations. As you the creators of the project Dereck Frech… Read more »

The Ballerina Project

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The Ballerina Project  is a visual catalogue and ode to ballet, signed by photographer Dane Shitagi. For more than 12 years he has been portraying ballet dancers that have worked for renowned companies such as Company as the American Ballet Theater, Boston Ballet, Dresden Ballet Semperopera or New York City Ballet, and young students, who… Read more »

Collina Strada

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Hillary Taymour is the creative force behind Collina Strada, a clothing and accessories brand which conciliates two seemingly opposing forces: commercial success and exclusivity. The Californian designer began working on her first designs at home – completely hand-made – producing day and night to cope with the incredible demand, that was sparked by people spotting… Read more »


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Thinking about knitwear in the middle oft he summer can be apparently delirious. But if we are talking of Maiami, we can make an exception. This Berlin based knitwear brand is fresh, sexy and out of the ordinary. The unique pieces made by hand by Maike Dietrich are inspired in motifs from popular culture like pixelated images, TV shows, souvenirs… Read more »

Natural selection

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“Natural Selection” is a tought provoking project designed by the Liz Ciokajlo in which she explores the usability of natural materials like the leather and felt in 3D printing, usually limited to synthetic fibers. A collection that was developed for the MA Fashion Footwear at the London College of Fashion, “Natural Selection” poses an interesting… Read more »


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Anja Verdugo is a multifaceted talent. Besides being a great photographer and blogger, she is the creator behind ANN-YA, a hand-made leather accessories brand which is notable for its seductive mix between functional purism and psychedelia. Be it her quirky cat shaped leather coasters, or the hand-dyed marble effect, Anja’s accessories exude great fetishistic potential.

willow knows

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willow knows is a small brand known for silk pieces that breathe an unusual purity and serenity. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they hand-made in a small town in Virginia, where their creator, Jessica Lee, found the tranquility and breathing space to let their creative work grow. Beyond trends, with this first collection,… Read more »

rêve en vert

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Online fashion shop rêve en vert is a project founded by Cora Hilts and Natasha Tucker and their small contribution to a better fashion world. Their philosophy? Merging high fashion with sustainable business ethics. Their desire is to cultivate an ethical, local, independent and sustainable production, supporting brands like Partimi and A Peace Treaty, which we have… Read more »


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Under the name Academy, Rachel Albright designs exquisitely wacky jewellery. Rough and imperfect, these handmade ceramic pieces surpass the limits between design and sculpture. And it’s probably this act of profanation and charming cheekiness that makes the jewellery by Academy so unique. Need Supply Co., the cool online shop with a good eye for the… Read more »

Tomboy by Organic by John Patrick

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    The Resort 2014 collection by Organic by John Patrick is a tribute to the American “tomboy” girl. Beyond the cheerleaders, the geeks and thefreaks, she refuses to play the role of the good girl. She loves sports, does not mind getting dirty and hates pink. In Organic by John Patrick’s latest she encarnates a… Read more »


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Karell Kappl is a brand that starts with the shared love for Spanish craftsmanship. They are Anna Karell and Sonja Kappl, two designers from Finland and Germany, who landed in Barcelona a few years ago. Estel Vilaseca talked about the vindication of the local artisanal industry, which is ever more palpable. And the bags and… Read more »

The eye of Margaret Durow

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Margaret Durow was born in Wisconsin, USA, in 1989. Since she started sharing her beautiful photos on flickr she has become a reference for the new generation of online artists with incredible talent and a unique voice. Margaret’s work speaks a clear language. Her picture come from the need to give voice to their innermost thoughts,… Read more »


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  Today we celebrate the birth of Datura, an exciting “web only” ” brand, which vindicates an alternative way of consuming fashion. An new adventure, which appears in Majorcan designer Stefania Borras’ carreer, who worked for Burberry and Francois Girbaud Marithé before launching her namesake brand. Designed in New York and produced in Barcelona, ​​Datura… Read more »

The eye of Estelle Hanania

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The work of French photographer Estelle Hanania creates high impact. Beyond passive complacency,  her photos scratch on the surface in order to invite us to a universe ruled by unusual perspectives and mystery. Fascinated with the customs and rituals of different cultures and gifted with innate curiosity, Estelle sets her gaze upon the human body… Read more » utiliza cookies. Si sigues navegando entendemos que aceptas nuestra política de cookies. Más Información

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