Hansel from Basel

Hansel from Basel sent us these delicious pictures by Nicholas Haggard with one thousand and one ideas to wear their fantastic socks. If the name of this company in new for you, memorize it. Based in Los Angeles, created by Hannah Byum, and “inspired by the small details of everyday life” it’s a must if you […]

Bet, talent explosion

Projects like BET make me think if at last we will get something good from that complicated and frustating situation that we are living here in Spain. For exemple, we can see how the youngest ones are starting to use their creativity out of nowhere in a really interesting way. BET is Barcelona Textil Experimentation, an […]

Faux Marble

Alexander Wang was inspired by faux marble textures for his debut at Balenciaga. (1) He developed different and intereresting approaches to that pattern using different techniques. Now in Farfetch there are some of the first items from that collection. Silvia Bianchi, emerging Spanish designer, uses marble as the central theme for her second collection of […]

Reality bites with Natalia Swarz

A part of looking at, you must read Natalia Swarz illustrations. Love (and heartbreak) inspire that short tales based on true stories: “behind each one of my drawings there is somone that I love or an asshole that broke my heart” explains the Colombian illustration in her site. If you don’t want to lose next episodes of her […]

Into the subway

There is something promising in María Ciurana‘s first works.

Historia de celos

This is a story of two discoverings related by envy. It has been The jealous curator who introduced us to the irresistible watercolour portraits of Lisa Krannichfeld and her “Glass menagerie” serie. An addictive blog where the author posts all the works of art that inspire her and make her feel jealous. “Damn I wish I thought that” thinks […]

Bulgaria en New York

During my last visit to New York, Maryam Nassir Zadeh was one of the shops that impressed me most. The selection os garments, jewels and objects is really personal and it is worth a visit if you are in the zone, the Lower East Side, the trendy neighbourhood this summer in the city. This August, the […]

Ye Rin Mok, she’s the mother

Some years ago, more than ten,Ye Rin Mok was already taking delicate portraits that she uploaded at her website. It was before Instagram, Twitter or even Facebook. The first picture belongs at that early pictures. So I could afirm that she’s the mother of the beautiful pictures. That kind you will recognize because there is skin, […]

Fumi Koike’s world

Fumi Koike’s illustrations there are silence, a lot of silence. That kind you can enjoy when you wake up early, in the morning. Light comes through the windows and everyone else is sleep. Her illustrations smell of fresh brewed coffe. With no hurries, she stops at things are close to her. A pair of shoes, […]

Cachete Jack para Hermès

I’ve got a predilection for the work of Cachete Jack, a duo of illustrators from Valencia, especially for their fine sense of humor. For that reason it has made me happy discover they just finished that nice comission for Hermès and that they are represented by the top illustrators agency Agent 002.

One Thousand and One African Cornrows

Alexander McQueen second line Fall Winter 2013-2014 campaign shoot by David Sims confirms an emerging trend. With their strenght and exotism, the African cornrows and its multiple variations will take advantage the upcoming seasons in the fashion world to the more romantic Deutsch and French proposals. Now that we have learned how to make a […]

Prada Real Fantasies FW 2013

Just in, the new Prada Real Fantasies FW 2013. A classic we wait for each season created by Lok Jansen and Jeroen Koolhaas from AMO for Prada.

Eugenio Recuenco: the book

Spanish photographer Eugenio Recuenco will publish his first monograph with TheNeues. The book accompaines the exhibition that CWC Gallery will showcase next fall in Berlin from August 31 until November 16 of 2013. More than two hundred pictures take us to Recuenco’s world of dark fairytales. Accompaining the regular edition, it is also available a Collector’s Edition […]


Illustrator Sonia Pulido’s new adventure is called Uhaala! and it is defined as “Daily basis unique things”. Next to her there is her friend and illustrator Susana Requena. Together have created this nice project of illustrated ceramics where everything is possible: vessels, bowls, cups and petit art objects. A wabi-sabi firm that tells stories through objects.

Flowers and denim

Delicious story matching flowers and denim from Vogue China. Efortless attitude and interesting choice of accessories in that styling that suggests more than dictates. She is Jin Wen, the pictures are by  Yin Chao and the stylist is Charlie Chin. Via Fashion Copious.