The future: that place where you grow your own clothes

Imagine a natural fabric that grows by itself and a dress made without a single stitch: that’s the future of sustainable fashion, created from the intersection between synthetic biology and textile design. The ways to find these high performance fibers are becoming larger, and the desire of designers to take part of the natural world is […]

Menswear Key Items Spring Summer 2014

The urban man has taken the podium of street style, and consequently, menswear has never been more suggestive. This advance on male sphere of influence, converges with the increasingly popular sporty silhouette, while sportswear is formalized with tailored neoprene. Although the summer countdown has just begun, we make a preview of the 2014 seasonal key […]

SXSW Interactive a través de los ojos de la moda

SXSW Interactive a través de los ojos de la moda |

  In the Interactive section of the recent edition of SXWS , fashion headed like never before. A mix of futurists, brands, creatives and social media experts, presented forward-thinking emerging technologies and new frontiers of smart fashion. Even though, the big takeaways are not unknown to any self-respecting techie person of 2013 (increasing boom of 3D […]

Future Perfect Talent

With the recent Fashion Weeks, we are hyper-informed of everything related to Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture for the upcoming seasons. In contrast to this mainstream move, we make a deserved analysis of emerging design talent. Young creators with great potential in contemporary fashion: Jungeun Lee Jungeun Lee works with unconventional methods of construction. Her experiments eliminate […]

4 ways technology is creating the future fashion

We are living in the future, where advances in fashion, as in almost any other industry, are powered by technology. Which of today’s advances are driving the Fashion High Tech of tomorrow? To take a track, here’s a summary that touches the margins of energy and information: RFID Technology in Fashion We’ll find that RFID tags […]

Future Light

La luz del futuro |

where is fashion going in terms of innovation? We like to think of the future as an intrinsic action of speculation. In this way, these days we draw conclusions from very common topics, like the intersection between fashion and science, smart textiles, and technology applications in clothing, just to name a few. But really, where is […]

The denim evolution

As well said by WGSN  , if fashion were a universe, denim would have its own galaxy. With this statement, it’s difficult to imagine how the quintessential must-have can be reinvented. In an effort to rectify this, we take a stroll through the initiatives of brands and designers that claim the denim dynasty with facts: [1]  A […]

Top 4 trends for 2013

4 tendencias para el 2013 |

The restless fashion industry prepares to greet 2013 with new collections, unexpected hypes and advertised trends. With that preamble, It makes a count of the top 4 fashion insights for the next twelve months. 1. Safari Boys: With the recently concluded London Collections: Men, and living a time when men’s clothing is more important than ever, the Safari […]

The power of female tuxedo

Observatorio de tendencias: trajes |

Como una seguidilla del reporte de tendencias que hicimos al traje , hoy hacemos gala del poder del tuxedo en mujeres.

The Weather Report: Casually Suited

The signature suit now takes a more collaged casual form, incorporating shapes from different decades using unexpected fabric choices, detailings and surface finishes. The forms betray the formal conventional ease of a tailored suit, and are reinterpreted to créate variations from futuristic to floral. Source: Trendstop.

Black and White Checks

Coco Chanel said once that the black had it all, and if it is juxtaposed with white, makes one of the most persistent trends. The quintessential duo broke into the Spring Summer 2013 collections, with stripes, polka circles and blocks, but this time it’s the turn of the chess table as a mandatory staple in […]

Be Water

You pour water into a bottle and, instantly, it adapts to the silhouette of the bottle. Likewise, this season we have seen one of the most literal conjugations of the cool water trend. The palette of sea blues, greens and sandy beiges, inspires graphic silhouettes as explicit as those of Proenza Schouler, as suggestive as […]

Flamenco Frills

The ruffled pieces will be an invariable at Spring Summer 2013, foreseeable by the recent collections of Balenciaga and Gucci, that show us flamenco in its most avant garde shape. The ornate total looks are for the most identified with the trend, while the small Acne details indicates the feminine touch of the andalusian dance aesthetics

Skirt + Pants

You know that an inspiration is becoming a trend when you see it in the collections of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada and Dior simultaneously. The old idea of wearing a skirt with trousers can’t be ignored any longer. And if that were not enough, designers like Roksanda Ilincic and Marc Jacobs have made a preview […]

The Watercolor Trend

Fashion is like a time travel, that takes us back to the inspirational past trying to guess how the future will be; like a premonition of where our tastes will flow next seasons. From that perspective we report a quick preview of Expression, a trend inspired by the brush strokes that has shown its first […]