Coco Chanel’s Paris

La serie ‘Inside Chanel’ continúa explicándonos la historia de la maison en primera persona. Es el momento de volver al lugar donde todo empezó: París.

Simone Klein

There’s a moment when are only two people who really want the piece and it goes very fast. There’s no reason anymore, it’s just craziness Simone Klein arrives at the Fundación Foto Colectania an hour before giving her talk “The Photography art market – How to buy at auction”. After greeting all the employees, she extends her hand while […]

Lillian Bassman in the Loewe Foundation

My contribution has been to photograph the world of feminine fashion capturing the emotions of a woman through the eyes of another woman The Loewe Foundation presents ‘Lillian Bassman. Pinceladas‘, a retrospective of the work of Bassman in the context of PhotoEspana 2014. « I was interested in creating a vision that transcends what the camera […]

The Three Graces

Photography Carlos Moreno Production Estel Vilaseca Styling Julia Popova Styling Assistant Mai Chujo Models Masha @ Francina Models / Irene La @ Elite / Paula C @ TREND Hair & Make-Up Creatival Studio Golden Studio Credits Figure 1: Dresses from American Vintage, Top right American Apparel Figure 2: Photo_01. Shirts Colmillo de Morsa, Trousers Maria Roch, Shoes H&M, Necklaces Lulasays. Photo_02. Izq. Total […]

Wake Up Boo!

Photography Carlos Moreno Stylism Estel Vilaseca Stylism assistant Mai Chujo Makeup and hair Carolina Ondo Model Inés González @ F. Unique Credits Clothes Pantalla 1: Dress Brain & Beast Shoes Martin Lamothe Pantalla 2: Foto_01. Dress Manuel Bolaño. Foto_02. Blouse Colmillo de Morsa Skirt Martin Lamothe Pantalla 3: Dress Brain & Beast Pantalla 4: Dress Zazo & […]

Victor von Schwarz x Carlos Moreno: Purikura

Purikura is a shorten word of purinto kurabu which equals to the phonetic japanese translation of “print club”. The purikura are photo booths that offers you the option of decorating the snapshots to make them more kawaii. The designer Victor von Schwarz and the photographer Carlos Moreno have joined their vision (fascinated by the Asian […]

An Eye For Optical Theory

Photography Carlos Moreno Stylist Carlos Olivares   Make-up and hair Creatival Model Sara Castro @ Francina Acknowledgments Kaleos   Fashion credits Screen 1: Dress Martin Lamothe. Necklace  Andrés Gallardo. Screen 2: Dress Victor von Schwarz. Inner dress GUESS. Shoes Castañer. Purse Twinset Screen 3: Foto_01 Top and skirt Cortana. Necklace  Andrés Gallardo. Sunglasses Lotho (@ Kaleos) […]


Photography Carlos Moreno González Styling Carlos Olivares Models Patricia @Blow Models Mykola @Sight Management Clothes Screen 1: She: Eva Zingoni‘s dress. He:  Selim de Somavilla‘s shirt. Howitzweissbach’s trousers. Screen 2: He: Selim de Somavilla‘s shirt. Howitzweissbach’s trousers. She, Martin Lamothe‘s suit. Screen 3: Left: He is wearing Manuel Bolaño‘s coat, Juan Antonio Ávalos’s belt and Guess trousers. She, Eva Zingoni‘s dress and Zazo&Brull‘s leggins. […]

Victor Von Schwarz ss2014: Asian Perversion

Barcelona based fashion designer Victor Von Schwarz filled his last EGO show at MBFWM of refined gothic lolitas. Fine wools, flowered cottons, trenchs and chiffons for a collection designed during a three months trip through supperposed them.Asia. “It is the first time I used prints. I have combined and yuxtaposed them. It is a younger collection […]