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Osei Duro otoño invierno 2013

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Osei Duro AW 2013 |

Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Collections Osei Duro otoño invierno 2013 by Estel Vilaseca, 17 Jun 2013 The unknown great Africa promises to be the surprise next years. Its vibrant optimism is a balm for the sad days. And their craftsmanship adapted to Western markets a futurible way out. The brand with sustainable… Read more »

Efímero birth

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Fashion and art are getting closer, creating new and interesting intersections. But while art, in theory, enjoys full freedom, fashion, even at its most avantgarde, always has to answer to the claim of utility and the demands of a voracious market. However, little by little, young designers and emerging brands are finding new creative ways… Read more »

Souvenirs from Portugal

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Reality Studio |

“Souvenir” is the first shoe collection launched by Reality Studio, Berlin designer Svenja Specht’s creative child. A proposal based on natural materials like cork and veg tan leather in its most contemporary form. With this collection we go on an allegorical journey through Portugal, with its beautiful beaches and spectacular flora as the inspirational theme…. Read more »


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Fashion is a means of communicating who you are. Through fashion we articulate our affinities and beliefs, it allows us to position ourselves in a cultural landscape with its infinite social niches. With her unisex brand XXY, Tamara Hauser has given us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves every day. Her multifunctional handmade pieces that are… Read more »

Maska Knits

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Maska |

From Sweden, MASKA brings us contemporary knitwear with an irresistible scandinavian touch. Far from fleeting trends, the brand has a rhythm of its own, marked by the work of its artisan kintters and its quest for a sober aesthetic that, every now and then, is altered by a good dose of avantgarde. Maria Svensson and… Read more »

Soreveign and Beck

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Ryan Sovereign and William Beck are the design power duo behind Sovereign & Beck, the long-saught answer to the needs of the modern dandy. Both graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design, they started out back in 2006, driven by their mutual love interest: vintage ties and music. With their fresh approach to traditional… Read more »

Elbow patches for my sweater

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At this time of the year, if you haven’t provided yourself with a sweater, you better hurry up. A DIY to elbow patch your new acquisition or the one rescued from the depths of the closet, can distinguish the sweater that fell apart during the student time. Besides, there are thousands of more or less… Read more »

Megaphone by en&ins

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An utterly ingenious piece made out of pristine ceramic, the “Megaphone” amplifies and optimizes the sound output without using electricity.

Bows & Bandids

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Austrian brand Bows & Bandids is a special resaler of carefully curated vintage clothing and spot-on styling. Autumn/Winter 2012-13 comes with a  lookbook shot by Jacob Pichard and perfectly styled looks for the season: earth tones with reddish accents and silhouette combinations from the 60′s and 70′s with modern classics, braids and flowers. Stylist Siri Thorson… Read more »

Lonely Fisherman

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La firma sostenible Etre aúna el encanto austero de la vestimenta del pescador de toda la vida con un toque lúdico y contemporáneo.