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Paper Forest

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Marsha Golemac |

Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Interiors Paper Forest by Mar Peidro, 28 Jul 2013 Marsha Golemac proudly signs these precious pieces made of golden paper; geometric rock-like shapes, pine cones and leafs that we would usually find in the forest. This Australian creative works with paper and scissors, inspired by her childhood. This is… Read more »

Ren Rox

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Flowers and pretty faces by  Ren Rox. Double and triple exposure photographs from London.  


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Woman Man is a video created by Adriana Hrenciuc borrowing from The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928). This Romania-born Californian expresses a state of confusion caused by to not be a man in a patriarchal society through a delicate and profound piece. An exploration of feminism and sexuality based on the androginy of Joan… Read more »

Broken Flowers

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Impacient Jon Shierman dips flowers into liquid nitrogen and smashes them on a white surface for his photographic seriers Broken Flowers (2010). Flowers in pieces still in bright colors, tender petals shattered like delicate porcelain, resulting in a crushing beauty coming from these dramatic moments.