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Lula Says

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Lula Says |

Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Collections Lula Says by Estel Vilaseca, 22 Apr 2013 Lula Says is a new concept of body jewellery based created by Alba Marín, a young designer from Barcelona. This fashion and art lover with no formal training elaborates manually accessories with a vanguardist approach. In her second collection entitled Ocean Drive, Alba… Read more »

Martin Lamothe, Al Fresco

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Martin Lamothe Spring Summer 2013 |

Being able to look calmly at the Spring Summer 2013 collection of Martin Lamothe  is some kind of a luxury. It is necessary to do it far away from the rush of the catwalk in order to appreciate the boldness and complexity of Elena Martin’s proposals. Because behind that fleeting flash of creativity  delivered on the… Read more »

Spring in motion

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Primavera animada! |

In a spontaneous branding exercise, @monkofstyle plays dress up with the most famous animated cartoon heroines with the spring summer 2013 must haves. A funny wink to the fashion industry from Jerome LaMaar, who in his blog confesses “My religion is Style” and has gained visibility with this game. The illustrated girls have been catwalking before… Read more »

Phoebe English Minimal Deco

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Su nueva colección primavera verano 2013 “Intimate Shells” (máscaras íntimas) está inspirada en los contrarios y en la repetición de estos, positivo y negativo, luz y oscuridad, sonido y silencio.

London, a study lost in the streets of Hackney casual neighborhood, a young brand born last year with a lot to say in the world of British catwalk and some chills. Phoebe English is working to create new forms over the body, with the emphasis placed on showing how quickly the culture in which we are… Read more »

Flamingo’s Paradise

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The young and competent Raphael Hauber introduces us his fifth collection alone. If we add these five to the other twelve he designed under his first label Postweiler and Hauber, we end up with a final sum of seventeen. Not bad for someone who is just 35. Next summer the german designer invites us to… Read more »

The Watercolor Trend

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Fashion is like a time travel, that takes us back to the inspirational past trying to guess how the future will be; like a premonition of where our tastes will flow next seasons. From that perspective we report a quick preview of Expression, a trend inspired by the brush strokes that has shown its first… Read more »