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Doble juego

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De dos en dos de David Montero |

Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Fashion Features Doble juego by David Montero, 20 Mar 2013 Photography David Montero. Stylist África García. Make Up & Hair Hija de pirómano. Models Bel Sánchez (UNO) & Ana Ye Zhang (HEELS). Clothes Screen 01: Bel wearing dress and earrings by Juan Vidal, Ana with Duyos dress and Juan Vidal earrings. Screen 02:… Read more »

080 Barcelona Who

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Who 080 Barcelona |

Laia Roca mentions Mario Benedetti and his “Tiempo sin Tiempo” to introduce us her new collection. In a forest of blacks searches the time punctuating with the red, the green, th white and the dark brown. Functional and comfortable garments that take some register from sportwear but adding a contemporary twist. I see somethins of Sybilla on… Read more »

080 Barcelona Manuel Bolaño

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One of the things I love most from Manuel Bolaño is the mess of references he uses to design his pieces. With a literary sprit every new collection represents a new chapter in his biography. Personal tales full of suggestive quotations. In that occasion a friend and golden snow were some of the landscapes that… Read more »

Lights and Shadows

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Luces y Sombras de Aarón Serrano |

Photography Aaron Serrano. Stylist Blanca Puebla. Make Up and Hair Juan Acuñas Model Paula @ View Management Clothes Screen 01: Jacket Ana Locking, skirt It Spain, bracelets from FDC, panty La Perla. Pantalla 02: Left. Short jacket by Ion Fiz, trousers Eugenio Loarce, vintage necklace. Right. Dress from Eugenio Loarce. Pantalla 03: Left. Furia Madrid stole and Assaad Awad bracelet. Right. Dress, belt and bag… Read more »


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Offscreen John Dickey |

Photography John Dickey. Stylism Sofía Mariño. Make Up & Hair Núria Céspedes for BOBBI BROWN and GHD. Clothes Screen 1 y 2: Jacket Leandro Cano, pulseras Mango. Screen 3: Ana Locking overall, H&M necklace. Screen 4: Top & dress by Teresa Helbig, boots by Ash. Pantalla 5: Toni Francesc jersey, El Colmillo de Morsa skirt, H&M neklace, Mango bracalete, Zara bracalete and hat. Pantalla 6: Manuel Bolaño vest, Luis Manteiga skirt and… Read more »


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Giedre |

Photography Rocío Ramos Stylism Patty Cereijo Hair & Make Up César Fernández para Make Up Forever y Salerm Cosmetics. Model Giedre K Mad Models. Credits Screen 1: Jacket Stella Forest, skirt Ana Locking, earing Sandra Palomar. Screen 2: Left, Latex Top Missoni, skirt Manoush, neck American Retro, hat Ana Locking, ring Aristocrazy, necklace Sandra Palomar. Top, Jersey Manoush, dress Nihil Obstat, boots Missoni, bracelets Aristocrazy, necklace Mango. Screen 3: Left,… Read more »

Searching Boundaries

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Boundaries. Limits. “A reflexión about the architectural limits which feed places”. That’s how Manifesto Reche defines its new collection called just like that: “Boundaries”. Places. Architecture. The thing that separates time, the line which allows everything will be in permanent change. With this collection we are going to talk again about fashion linked to architecture. But, where are the limits? This… Read more »