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Historia de celos

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Lisa Krannichfeld |

Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Illustration Now Historia de celos by Estel Vilaseca, 12 Aug 2013 This is a story of two discoverings related by envy. It has been The jealous curator who introduced us to the irresistible watercolour portraits of Lisa Krannichfeld and her “Glass menagerie” serie. An addictive blog where the author posts all the… Read more »

Ye Rin Mok, she’s the mother

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Some years ago, more than ten,Ye Rin Mok was already taking delicate portraits that she uploaded at her website. It was before Instagram, Twitter or even Facebook. The first picture belongs at that early pictures. So I could afirm that she’s the mother of the beautiful pictures. That kind you will recognize because there is skin,… Read more »

Postales desde L.A.

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Photographer Juls C. loves to explore the world around her, extracting interesting stories from real life. From Los Angeles she sends us that serie with that strong woman, Belinda Wells, that Juls meet one morning skating around her neighbourhood. “We are really used to see models posing wild…so for this reason I loved her, because she… Read more »