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Eco Eco: Kayla Mattes

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Kayla Mattes |

Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Eco Eco Eco Eco: Kayla Mattes by Maike Moncayo, 9 Jan 2013 Although the work of Kayla Mattes, an LA-based textile artist graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, draws on the nostalgia and kitsch of pop culture from the 90s, her fashion and art projects exemplify… Read more »

Maska Knits

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Maska |

From Sweden, MASKA brings us contemporary knitwear with an irresistible scandinavian touch. Far from fleeting trends, the brand has a rhythm of its own, marked by the work of its artisan kintters and its quest for a sober aesthetic that, every now and then, is altered by a good dose of avantgarde. Maria Svensson and… Read more »

Lonely Fisherman

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La firma sostenible Etre aúna el encanto austero de la vestimenta del pescador de toda la vida con un toque lúdico y contemporáneo.

A winter on film

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A mix of fashion, music and film will be the energetic solution to spend this cold Winter. Colors and patterns come together in a psychedelic mood  from  the hands of this young company in London, Electronic Sheep. This sheep electronic works in knitting scarves, capelines, caps and sweaters experimenting with graphic design to create a fashion… Read more »