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Lotocoho, a world of symbols

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Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Object of Desire Lotocoho, a world of symbols by Marisa Fatás, 28 Jul 2014 Lotocoho invents his own language starting from geometric coordinates. Interprets signs to translate them into symbols and so builds his own paradise in the world. Having defined the architecture, the landscape gets adapted to human… Read more »

Lula Says

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Lula Says |

Lula Says is a new concept of body jewellery based created by Alba Marín, a young designer from Barcelona. This fashion and art lover with no formal training elaborates manually accessories with a vanguardist approach. In her second collection entitled Ocean Drive, Alba Marín improves her technique and full of bright colors at her designs. Here we share her… Read more »

Eco Eco: Kayla Mattes

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Kayla Mattes |

Although the work of Kayla Mattes, an LA-based textile artist graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, draws on the nostalgia and kitsch of pop culture from the 90s, her fashion and art projects exemplify our visual culture from today. A fascinating field that unfolds at the intersection of fashion, art, design and the… Read more »

Andrés Gallardo en Helena Rohner

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Andrés Gallardo flies from Madrid to Barcelona to set up their porcelain paradises in Helena Rohner shop. This collaboration which already has a first chapter in early summer in the capital, is now repeated in Barcelona. From Thursday 29 and until 15 December, Andres Gallardo will seduce us in el Borne Rohner shop with the presentation and sale… Read more »