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Lotocoho, a world of symbols

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Lotocoho |

Share! Share in Facebook Share in twitter Object of Desire Lotocoho, a world of symbols by Marisa Fatás, 28 Jul 2014 Lotocoho invents his own language starting from geometric coordinates. Interprets signs to translate them into symbols and so builds his own paradise in the world. Having defined the architecture, the landscape gets adapted to human… Read more »

Queer through fashion: from the closet to the catwalk

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Following the prevailing norm is not always, nor in many cases synonymous with success.  To break the rules in search of a personality, although difficult and courageous, can be a way to conquer the individual space that is our own right.  This exhibition, A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk, shows… Read more »

Prada in the heart of the multitude

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Prada spring summer 2014 |

La colección primavera verano 2014 de Prada se presentó ayer y hoy todos hablan de ella. Otra vez, Miuccia Prada azotó con una propuesta de moda “fotogénica”. Mucho color e ilustración en una nueva apuesta por el arte colaborativo. Inspirada por el arte de gran influencia política de mexicamos muralistas como Diego Rivera o David… Read more »

Elizabeth Peyton en formato fanzine

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Elizabeth Peyton en formato fazine |

Elizabeth Peyton, Sofia Coppola and Hedi Slimane favorite painter, well known by her images of indie rock stars and public figures, has launched a fanzine for Nieves. In The Age of Innocence, Peyton takes the title of the famous Edith Wharton novel to present a collection of passion scenes grabbed from mass media. And for… Read more »

Celebrando the new season with Ernesto Artillo

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Ernesto Artillo Elle Collections |

It has been a fantastic surprise to see Ernesto Artillo’s collages on the cover and interiors of the new Elle Collections. The biannual supplement has become a must just in a few seasons thanks to its superb edition and design. When we asked him about how he get the comission he responds: “All of a… Read more »

Reality bites with Natalia Swarz

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Natalia Swarz |

A part of looking at, you must read Natalia Swarz illustrations. Love (and heartbreak) inspire that short tales based on true stories: “behind each one of my drawings there is somone that I love or an asshole that broke my heart” explains the Colombian illustration in her site. If you don’t want to lose next episodes of her… Read more »

Historia de celos

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Lisa Krannichfeld |

This is a story of two discoverings related by envy. It has been The jealous curator who introduced us to the irresistible watercolour portraits of Lisa Krannichfeld and her “Glass menagerie” serie. An addictive blog where the author posts all the works of art that inspire her and make her feel jealous. “Damn I wish I thought that” thinks… Read more »

The eye of Margaret Durow

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Margaret Durow was born in Wisconsin, USA, in 1989. Since she started sharing her beautiful photos on flickr she has become a reference for the new generation of online artists with incredible talent and a unique voice. Margaret’s work speaks a clear language. Her picture come from the need to give voice to their innermost thoughts,… Read more »

Cara de mujer bonita by Pastinsky

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“Pretty woman face” is the title of that painting and the tip of the iceberg of an extraodinary story, a kind of that is so incredible that just the reality i able to write it. It is the beginning of another tale as well, the MikeiMaike one as a curators duo. Visual artist Mike Swaney and cultural… Read more »

Best of 2012

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Lo mejor del 2012 |

Nothing better to start this newborn 2013 than with a little recap of last year’s top photographic events, and nothing better to do it than having a good look at the “cool & noteworthy” section of The British Journal of Photography’s December issue: remember it’s the world’s longest running photography magazine (established in 1854!), and… Read more »


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I’m completely dumbfounded. It has been Yoko Ono and her new capsule collection for Opening Ceremony. “Fashions for Men: 1962-2012” takes as a starting point pictures that the Japanese artist gave to John Lennon on their wedding. Forty-three years after these drawings come to life in a unique series of pieces in which ONO highlights… Read more »

Searching Boundaries

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Boundaries. Limits. “A reflexión about the architectural limits which feed places”. That’s how Manifesto Reche defines its new collection called just like that: “Boundaries”. Places. Architecture. The thing that separates time, the line which allows everything will be in permanent change. With this collection we are going to talk again about fashion linked to architecture. But, where are the limits? This… Read more »

Illuminati Girl Gang

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Ilimunati Girl Gang |

As feminists by heart, we have a soft spot for projects like tumblr-artist Gaby Gaby‘s all female online zine Illuminati Girl Gang.  Judging by it’s incredibly cool, handmade cover for its second volume, the content can’t be anything but amazing. While the first edition was focused on visual arts, the second  is a finely curated… Read more »

Of the ursids

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The illustrator Sara Landeta has been trying to turn the asphalt of Madrid into an adventurous forest for six months. Struggling with her clumsiness, cluelessness and naivety, she wanted to practice how to be a bear during this time and create her own utopia. This is how she created Of the ursids, the exhibition that… Read more »

Malika Favre

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Malika Favre is a French illustrator based in London and reflects on the inspiration of this charming city that never stops. Because London will always be London, source of culture, fashions and trends. Its daily influence provokes her desire to go all the way to the essence of the characters and objects she draws. Pare… Read more »