Powerful Polita Hats

by Estel Vilaseca,

“A hat is an object of power; it tranforms the person who is wearing it but the relationship of that person with the others as well. People approaches to you in a funny and open minded way and it is always remembered.” It is maybe for that reason that Susana Loureda, the one behind Polita Hats, enjoys creating the thousand and one versions of that powerful object.

Susana that started with Polita Hats ten years ago with a collection of beach hats made in Barcelona, loves to put special attention to the fabrics, finishes and details. That made in Spain hats are handmade with old Millinery techniques. Today Susana Loureda presents in Helena Rohner shop the last models of Polita Hats.

Black and white picture by Alberto García Álix.

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  • Polita Hats en Helena Rohner
  • Esparseria 13, 5 de junio de 18:00 a 20:30
  • Barcelona