Slow Beauty

by Carmen Beunza,

Belleza sin prisas | Itfashion

Slow beauty is a way of understanding beauty that loves persistence and freshness, and that implies a lifestyle.” The Slow beauty’s philosophy explained by Alexandra Nicolau, CEO of Ecologic Cosmetics, links personal and sensorial pleasure of take care of oneself to the desire of approaching to nature. That is the reason behind the increasing Made in Spain brands seeking for respectful cosmetics with environment and our skin.

This is the case of ESDOR Cosméticos,  an eco-beauty brand which came out from a natural progression of “a love story between wine and beauty”. The Grupo Matarromera, a recognized nationally viticulture group, as a result of the their obssession for research arround grapes and the desire of use all resources provided by Mother Nature; they thought and patented a process of polifenoles extration, one of the most powerful detoxs. “So then in just three years we get a line of cosmetics based on grapes”, explains Rebeca Fariñas, the ESDOR Cosméticos brand’s manager.

Because the effort and work of brands as Grupo Matarromera or Ecologic Cosmetics, there has began a research of natural components applicables to beauty products.

Thanks to the pioneer vision of her fundator, Linda Nicolau, Ecologic Cosmetics was born with the aim of a high quality cosmetic brand which exclusively uses traditional methods, respects nature and avoids waste generation. As Alexandra Nicolau reports “in 1993 any of these values was contemplated by the majority of the national products, and furthermore general public was concerned”.

Today, “Spanish consumer has changed completely, who wasn’t used to support or understand about a eco-friendly product even less if was a local one.”, thinks about Alexandra Nicolau. “In Spain even nowadays it’s difficult to award people about sustainability”, an affirmation also supported by ESDOR, however, for the last years Rebeca Fariñas reported it has been a noticeable increasing of environment compromise of ideas coming from EEUU or Nordic countries. Even though, both afirms of the increasing knowledge and education arround not only about taking care of nature, but also about being awarded of what we eat or what we use; and also how that can infers to our healthy and wellness in long-term.

There has being an increase of compromise with nature and ourself in Spain.

Evidently, reassure both, that natural cosmetic is more respectful with skin, because a high percentage of actives used are natural instead of being chemical. That minimize the risk of allergies or intolerances, as a result the consumer is sure of being using the more natural and quality product available. Moreover, there is something beauty and poetic about looking for the nearest beauty, the one surrounded us.

ESDOR remarks on paying attention to any product composition, “there are a lot of brands on the market which looks as natural but then they are not at all. The ideal is having products above 80% of natural actives and avoiding fuel derivates, oil minerals, artificial colorings and “parabenes”.

Even though, a complete ecological product takes a further step: is that which aims for doing the less damage to environment noticing not only the product, but also process, packaging, carbon footprint….For instance, at Ecologic the vintage packaging of their products is thought not only asking for protect the purity of their ingredients, not only for helping economy, but also for the elevated cost of bring components or products from other countries. Both brands aims for local.

The key of slow beauty: avoid miraculous products “flash effect” and trust in a beauty without hurries, with time for us. “A phylosphy which doesn’t only talk about taking care of skin, but also talk about a lifestyle: entrust with oneself, refuse stress, enviroment respect, responsible consume, fair trade and of course, an ecologic effective cosmetic with gradual results long-lasting.”, defends Ecologic Cosmetics. “I think that you must totally take care of yourself and be respectful with what Mother Nature has awarded us, because all counts”.