January Detox

by Estel Vilaseca,

For 2013 Pantone has chosen emerald green as the colour of the year. Vibrant and brillant green is the colour of growth, renewal and prosperity as well. So nothing better than starting 2013 in green mode and its purifying and regenerating properties. 1. Eco nail polishes from Kure Bazaar. On sale at Taller Amapola in Barcelona. 18 euros | 2.  Sara Lasry gold plated brass carved by hand mini grapes in silk thread. 35 €. | 3. the Smilers organic cotton tee by Thinking Mu. 43.50€ | 4. Detox trio by Kusmi Tea that purifies the body and mind. 23.90€ 250 gr. | 5. Loops hand woven yarn necklace from Boticca by Saloukee. 56,25€ | 6. Lectuce soap (yes! Lectuce) from Claus Porto. In Barcelona you’ll find at Topettes. 8.90 € | 7. Handmade Yoga Mat Carrier by Sira Ryf. C.P.V. | 8. Fruits will be much more tasty with this ceramic creation by Mi Ju Lee. C.P.V | 9. Los Monstruos 2013 calendar by Giulia Sagramola. 9€ | 10. Mia Comanche bag by Emma Pardos. 52 €.


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