Jefferson Hack and Diane Pernet declare independence

by Carmen Beunza,

Last Sunday, the iconic blogger Diane Pernet and the Dazed magazine co-founder Jefferson Hack talked during a brunch offered by the British fashion Council in the Canon space of the Somerset House. A conversation about creativity in fashion, independent press and the new Project Dazed has launched with the British Fashion Council, Other Mode.

Other Mode’s pillar is the idea of an independent fashion press, and therefore aims to aid independent bloggers and media in finding financial support. “The independent bloggers have the advantage over all the others of owning their passion and their own angle of vision outside the politics or the industry”, states Hack, “Diane Pernet was one of the pioneers of the live-blogging, in pushing a bit further and doing things in an independent way”, he adds.

Asked by Hack, Diane is ardently passionate about her advice for the new generation bloggers: “What’s most important is to maintain your integrity and to be authentic”. Designer for many years, Pernet created in 2005 her live-blog, A Shaded View on Fashion, using videos she had been filming for years with a mini-camera.


Show what’s important to you and don’t fall into the trap of being bought, so that you don’t lose your integrity.

Diane Pernet

The blogger also takes part of international fashion film festivals. “Everything I do is international. There is talent everywhere and each country has something to give. Maybe they can’t develop a fashion week like the major ones, but have their own voice in a festival, since there are really good audiovisual industries out there”.

About this fashion week edition, Diane has missed big figures such as Galliano or McQueen. She feels “the creativity is there, but there is too much fear, we need to be more fearless and look deeper and go further”. Jefferson Hack thinks fashion films are a way of fighting against the commercial side: “I believe there is a very poetic and strong message in fashion films, they create connections, new focus, a statement and trade between seasons, collaborations beyond corporations.”

Diane agrees and stresses that the Mike Figgis´video with Kate Moss for L’Agent Provocateur is as valid now as it was when filmed: “It is timeless if it is about on a level of fashion, but also on social issues or political ones, more global issues. Everything is connected”.

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