by Maike Moncayo,

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Thinking about knitwear in the middle oft he summer can be apparently delirious. But if we are talking of Maiami, we can make an exception. This Berlin based knitwear brand is fresh, sexy and out of the ordinary. The unique pieces made by hand by Maike Dietrich are inspired in motifs from popular culture like pixelated images, TV shows, souvenirs and the great city of Berlin itself.

Maiami is exceptional because it shows that knitwear can be both versatile and, above all, very chic. This season Maike has launched a new yoga and dance line alongside her usual autumn/winter collection. Functional and sophisticated pieces made of Mohair, that have been made with an urban and active woman in mind, who is blessed with great personal style. We talked to the designer about what inspires her and what her work process is like.

Where does your love for artisanal knit come from?

From my childhood. I learned it in school, but also from my grandmother. She knitted and handcrafted a lot and she showed me a lot of patterns. Knitting together with her was  great pleasure for me

What do you look for in each of your designs?

To hit this one certain point where nostalgia, vintage design and modernity melt into a modern style.

What was the starting point for your last collection?

The starting point was inspiration from the movie “The passenger” from Antonioni. Then, I mixed it with some nice color inspirations from the Maldives and a style known from winter. Finally, I made a working trip to a very nice atelier close to the Baltic Sea, where I could spread out all my yarns and started knitting while watching series and movies, which gave me the final kick for the rest of the collection.

Once I have the peace and concentration, I start and ideas come more and more fluently….

How would you describe the typical Maiami customer?

The typical Maiami customer is a modern person with a sense und appreciation for the power of old school and a valuation for handmade goods in a world of modernity.

There is no special age, and its a mix of young fashionistas and well situated middle-aged persons who love the sense of wellbeing connected to knit.

So its young and old, very urban but at the same time they could be living in the country side, even if just for the weekends.

Who was your fashion icon as a teenager?

I was a teenager in the Eighties, so basically Helen Schneider, Blondie and Jane Birkin