Faux Marble

by Estel Vilaseca,

Alexander Wang was inspired by faux marble textures for his debut at Balenciaga. (1) He developed different and intereresting approaches to that pattern using different techniques. Now in Farfetch there are some of the first items from that collection. Silvia Bianchi, emerging Spanish designer, uses marble as the central theme for her second collection of her brand Shallowww (2). Made in Spain and printed in Italy, her designs cost much less than the Balenciaga luxury. Another interesting marble proposals: eco cluthc from Paper No.9, it seems leather but it is paper (3). Martin Lamothe:(4.), the Spanish designer, Elena Martin, has been using the marble print in her past two collections. Calla leggins from pv2013, now on sale (5); And to complete that trend capsule, a pair of sweet handmade delights: the Ann-Ya clutch (6) and the Ilana Kohn top (7).