When fashion smiles

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As a fashion paradise, in Paris one can explore the styles and trends of the 20th century in shops like this, Les Archives de la Presse. It’s a real treasure trove and possibly the best vintage fashion magazine shop in Paris.

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Considering the importance that France gives to its film industry, it’s no wonder that small independent cinemas are still alive and kicking throughout the city. And in them it is possible to find design gems from the 60s and 70s, such as these signs at Le Balzac film theatre.

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In the corner of rue Poitou and rue Debelleyme, Helmut Lang is preparing the opening of his new store. But, meanwhile, the artists from the Haut Marais do street art interventions with humour.

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The Museum of Everything  is a travelling museum dedicated to showing the work of spontaneous or undiscovered artists from the 19th century onwards. Created in London in 2009, its last exhibition has just finished in a former school at the boulevard Raspail. Now we’ll have to wait a little bit to find out where its new exhibition will take place.

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The interest for the Dali exhibition at the Pompidou museum has been overwhelming, to the point that the museum was open 24 hours during the last few days. The next stop will be the Reina Sofía museum in Madrid. Dali and his crazy genius is as fascinating as ever. Who could resist a telephone like this?

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