ONE IN A MILLION | Ana Menéndez

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Ana Menéndez. She decided to work in the fashion industry without knowing what to do at age 18, so she went to London. She’s danced with Björk and Kate Moss asked her for a drink. She returned and decided to study fashion. Again she went abroad, this time to New York City. She worked with Stella McCartney and knew what hard work in fashion meant. Then she received a call to work in the New York Fashion Week and met Kate Phelan, since then she wants to be the Editor in Chief of Vogue UK. Ana is one in a million.

What are you wearing?

An outfit from Saudade Atelier, a vintage raincoat and a pair of boots from Zara. The ring is from a Scandinavian artist: MP Jewellery.

Movie or TV series?

TV series. Recently, I don’t have so much time to watch something longer than 30 minutes. To watch a TV series it’s like a very long film cut into small pieces. Actually, I’m hooked on Parks and Recreation.

What thing couldn’t you resist to buy?

A pair of fuchsia patent leather peep toe with a tie and sling back from Valentino. These shoes are my downfall.

Your last discovery

Reforms. We’re redecorating a wonderful flat, I love to see how it’s changing: choosing colors, put mastic, sand, etc. It’s relaxing!

A place to get lost

I love old and big libraries. When I lived in NYC I gatecrashed to the libraries and lectures at universities. Another place where I can be for hours are the supermarkets, all these colors and aligned sizes amazes me.

What attracts you most from a person?

I look more at the movement than the form of what they wear. Obviously, I pay attention to those ones that wear things I like, but what really amazes me is the detail, the courtesy.

A Sunday morning…

If I don’t have to work, I woke up lately. I have breakfast in bed, clean the house and, if it’s sunny… We go for a drink! I’m quite traditional… I never refuse to make a brunch but I prefer anchovies or fries. Part of my family is from the south and we’re used to go outside on Sundays and never know when we’ll return!

A dish you can’t stop eating

Salad. You can eat it cold, lukewarm or with sausages (Catalan salad) or with cheese and nuts… You can put almost everything; it’s always healthy and different.

Where do you find bargains?

It’s a lottery and it never happens two times in the same place.

What can’t you miss?

My phone and my agenda, it’s where I take notes; I write the projects and I’ve got all my contacts. I’m quite a disaster and I had to get used to a Spartan control.

What would you never wear?

I’m quite eclectic when I dress up. I think I’ll never wear something that makes me feel uncomfortable only if it’s in vogue.


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