Sisters and Songs

by Mireia Sabanés,

With still some best-of-lists from 2012 in mind, we want to share with you three video clips from three bands and singers that will be relevant in this brand new 2013.

Wild Belle are brother and sister Elliot and Natalie Bergman and for their new clip they have chosen “Keep Out”, a sweet compedium of trip pop and reaggea perfect to see the sun rise.

The californian band of the moment, Haim, are three sisters that had been playing with their parents before deciding to make their own way.The catchy single “Forever” contains the best eighties pop with some notes of ninenties folk and r&b. You’ll gona hear it again, and again, and again…

And last but not least, veteran Julieta Venegas a singer that is always a pleasure to follow, now in one of her most serious notes with “Tuve para Dar” launched in a documentary style clip directed by her sister Yvonne Venegas and brother in law Gregory Allen.

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