Just in a click

by Mireia Sabanés,

It has been almost three years of Imposible Project launch, a feat that bring back the smile to those who had lost it when Polaroid announced in 2008 the end of the instant film. In this short journey, Impossible has managed since its factory Enshede to create a quality film that has been operating domestic and professional cameras. The first was reborn in 2009, the silver share for PX 100 and 600 and since then they have not stopped creating special films, different formats and exclusive editions. This video shows photographer Tim Mantoani testing the Silver Shade for large format.

La fotografía y los efectos sonoros son el recurso usado en el vídeo avance  del nuevo proyecto del gigante H&M, “& other stories”. Una marca que mostrará su primera colección en primavera 2013 y que tendrá sede en algunas capitales europeas a la vez que potenciará la venta por internet. En el vídeo, unos pies desnudos recorren París hasta que un paquete de “& other stories” entra en escena y unos preciosos zapatos visten los hasta ahora, despojados pies. Parece que iremos descubriendo los hits de la nueva marca a través de piezas tan sugerentes como la que aquí os mostramos.

The picture and the sound effects are the resource used in the video preview of the new project of giant H & M, “& other stories”. A brand that will show its first collection in spring 2013 and will be based in some European capitals as well as internet sales boost. In the video,bare feet walks in París until a “& other stories” package enters the picture and a pair of pretty shoes worn the stripped feet. We’ll have to wait a little longer to see what will be the hits of that new brand, so here this seductive preview.


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