Children’s Corner

by Marisa Fatás,

In this fashion film, Dear Abra, by film maker Diana Kunst, a selection of the first collection of Abra Ortuño, entiltled Children’s Corner, is premiered. The work of both artists is spectacular.  The selection of three pieces, one for each of the characters that appear in the film (all represented by the same model) is presented in  an almost dreamlike setting in which garments seem to speak of lights, colors and shapes, set to the rhythm of keleidoscopic music.

Abra Ortuño has been a figure in the world of fashion for many years and has worked with names such as Ana de Gregorio, Aura Chavarria (Comentrigo), DavidDelfin, Lydia Delgado o Elena Cardona. But it is now that Dear Abra has appeared on the scene, that his designes come to life at the hands of Diana Kunst.  This film maker/photographer has directed several commercials and music videos, but her speciality is Fashon Films. She creates these with great enthusiasm, and her sense of aesthetics and conceptual imagery have made her one of the most prominent names in the field.  She has worked with such clients as new New Balance, Lacoste Live, DC Shoes USA, DavidDelfín, Pull and Bear, Miranda Makaroff for Lydia Delgado, El Corte Inglés, Sony BMG, HFN music, METAL magazine, Tenmag and Vice and her photographic works have been exhibited in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and London.

A few years ago, Abra and Kurst did their first video together, Tenente, set in Abra’s house, and they resolved to make more together. I have not been able to find out where they filmed this time, as they don’t want to reveal the secret. The setting, which reminds one of the architecture of the Mexican, Luis Barragán, is incredible. Diana says “It is an enchanting place because of its shapes, colors and composition. It has so many possibilities. There would be no better place to film the designs of my friend, Abra. I just love geometric spaces, especially when combined with primary colors, such as red, blue and others, together with pastels such as rosewood. I am inspired by minamilism as an artistic movement, especially in architecture and sculpture.”

The space that goes so well with and complements the garments so perfectly also embraces the design concept of the garments themselves. Abra agrees that he attaches great importance to structures. “I have always been interested in architecture and industrial design, which have greatly influenced me in my work.  One can say that the collection is the result of the sum of my obsessions: Shiro Kuramata, Sottsass, Michel de Lucchi y NeonGenesisEvangelion”. References to the creation of Children’s Corner, as if the clothing materials are regarded as building materials. “In the collection, the fabrics are double; the exterior is a bright crep and the inside is organic cotton, stuck together so as to make the fabric more rigid.”

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