A real girl is a happy girl

by Estel Vilaseca,

Due to new collection of Spanish brand Peseta that claimed for “fashion done for and by real girls” I launch a question on Twitter: ¿What means “to be a real girl?”. Doublecloth replied correctly that “A real girl is a happy girl”. One that feels comfortable with her body (her house). This Raquel though seems to fit quite good with that image I found by chance in Samyroad some days ago. I had no idea about that girl, but I fell in love with her smile and security. Her name is Natasha Goldenberg, and she is the last obsession of Tommy Ton. Fashion editor, stylist, designer…and happy. You can see that with a borrowed XXL shirt and a smile you can reach great style.

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Estel Vilaseca Barcelona Editor
"No one belongs here more than you"