SXSW Interactive a través de los ojos de la moda

by Daniela Cordero,

SXSW Interactive a través de los ojos de la moda |


In the Interactive section of the recent edition of SXWS , fashion headed like never before. A mix of futurists, brands, creatives and social media experts, presented forward-thinking emerging technologies and new frontiers of smart fashion.

Even though, the big takeaways are not unknown to any self-respecting techie person of 2013 (increasing boom of 3D printing, textiles applications, and interactive accessories), its great revelation was that we finally are going to see the wearable technology as something easier to reach and with collective utility implementation.

They had evidence: the MakerBoy Digitizer printer scans any physical object between 3 and 8 inches and prints a 3D replica of it, generating a sort of real world copy-paste.

According to what they have anticipated, the 3D could become “the next industrial revolution”, that will lead us to a future where it will be possible buying a dress online and printing it at home, like in best supersonic style era. Although fashion is not even close to this approach, there are several reasons that point to transform this utopia into reality.

Shapeways ha lanzado con Dita von Teese como imagen, un vestido impreso, bajo la promesa que permitiría a las marcas adaptar funcionalmente sus productos, o al usuario experimentar el diseño con verdadera personalización.

Shapeways  just launched a 3D-printed gown worn by Dita Von Teese, promising to enable brands to adapt their products at that new reality, and let user to experiment with that true personalization design.

SXSW Interactive a través de los ojos de la moda |

En materia de interactividad, los Talking Shoes de Google y Adidas han sido exaltados con fervor mediático, al darse a conocer que el gigante de búsquedas está intentando hacer de la moda inteligente un fenómeno de masas. Las zapatillas incorporan un altavoz, que detecta la actividad física y con base en eso dice más de 250 frases de motivación para quien las usa.

In terms of interactivity, the Talking Shoes by Google and Adidas has been exalted with media fervor, when they announced that the search giant is making an attempt to make wearable tech a mass phenomenon. The sneakers features a speaker that using 250 phrases can encourage the user depending on his physical activity.

SXSW Interactive a través de los ojos de la moda |

Forbes magazine says the 2013 will be the year of wearable technology, and it’s getting us all using it by the next months. Fiction? Yes. While the integrated system of design and development has an enormous potential to engage these ideas into our fashion lifestyle, experience is still at an early stage, and manufacturing is far behind from technology. This will not change until applications not only involve techie coolness but a solid benefit to the user; in that sense the SXSW has hinted some path towards mainstream route.