Phoebe English Minimal Deco

by Marí­a Pensi,

London, a study lost in the streets of Hackney casual neighborhood, a young brand born last year with a lot to say in the world of British catwalk and some chills. Phoebe English is working to create new forms over the body, with the emphasis placed on showing how quickly the culture in which we are immersed changes.

English graduated in 2011 at the Central Saint Martins School, earning the award “L’Oreal Professional Creative Award“,also  winning the “Ungaro”  scholarship and celebrating the prize “Chloe“. In July 2011 she joined Rose Easton, her creative and business partner, building English Easton Limited.

Since its opening, Phoebe has shown her collection as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout, and as a result, Dover Street Market placed an order for launching the collection in January 2012, leading them to win the “Merit Award Winner” for the same Vauxhall.

Now Phoebe English is quite a growing brand, drawing a lot of ideas testing each piece while listening to “Public Enemy” as a musical background “to let the imagination flow till it becomes a reality,” says the designer.



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