Lonely Fisherman

by Maike Moncayo,

Etre is an English brand inspired by the authentic character of British workwear. Their winter collection consists of knit basics and accesories for girls and boys, which marry  the austere charm of classic fisherman’s clothes with a playful, contemporary twist.

As a tribute to the tradition of British fishermen, the brand has taken some of their most emblematic pieces, like knit sweaters whose design has been developed throughout centuries by fishermen’s wives and motifs originating from old fishing communities of Polperro and Staithes. But the brand has also infused the traditional workwear with contemporary practicality, by developing the ingenious pieces like their FIVEPOINT gloves designed specifically for the use of mobile phones.

As if that weren’t enough, each piece has been crafted in the British Isles with ethically sourced materials, like their sweaters made from Melton Wool, that has been produced by a 150-year-old family Business in West Yorkshire. Here are some outtakes from their incredible lookbook, a modern ode to the romantic figure of the solitary fisherman.


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