Patchwork Denim

by Estel Vilaseca,

Patchwork Denim o cómo se construye una tendencia |

A multidiractional trend

At beginning of 2013 Daniela Cordero gave us some keys about the denim evolution. Among all the possible directions stands out the patchwork technique, a DIY trend that  has experimented and interesting development. The old rule that says that a trends starts on the street, evolves in the catwalk and deads in the street is over. Today trends work in a multidirectional ways.

In January of 2011 Phoebe Philo unveiled in her Cèline Pre-Fall collection four outfits where she played with blocks of different tones of denim (it was more than two years ago!). Two months later, Isabel Marant show on the catwalk her own version of the same idea with a seventies flavour in her fall-winter 2011-2012 collection. In Autumn ASOS launched its own proposal: between Marant and Cèline. At the end of the year, Joan Smalls wore on the street the Marant shirt. Many blogs spread the word about the trend as a prediction for the next Spring. Then, some of them, get back one denim total look from the Spring Summer 2010 collection, that at the same time inspired a lot of DIYs. Sis months later, and again over the catwalk, Phillip Lim delivered his own cover of that denim puzzle, that “is going to fly at retail”, declared Maya Singer in Proenza Schouler, added their own vision about it with a jacket that we didn’t see on the catwalk but that we are finding in magazines and online shops.encontramos en tiendas y revistas.

Patchwork Denim o cómo se construye una tendencia |

Recicla y ¡Háztelo tu mismo!

The most interesting thing about that trend is its “diy” personality. The idea is on the table, so it can be a great idea to give new life to our old jeand and denim jackets. In the Jcrew Magazine they give as some interesting tips in the Dear Denim article.

Eco Note: Stop Sandblasting

Para conseguir el efecto desgastado, muchas empresas han estado usando la técnica del sandblasting, un tratamiento que consiste en la aplicación de un chorro de arena a presión que, normalmente, se realiza de forma manual y sin protección. Como consecuencia, trabajadores del sector han desarrollado formas agudas de silicosis, una enfermedad pulmonar incurable. Por este motivo, desde Campaña Ropa Limpia se ha lanzado la campaña NO SANDBLASTING, en la que se anima a las empresas que todavía lo están usando a proceder con otras ténicas. Por si tienes curiosidad, en empresas a examen, nos ofrecen una lista del estado actual del uso del sandblasting. Gucci en cabeza siendo la única empresa que lo ha prohibido. En esta nueva hornada de propuestas denim podemos apreciar el uso del jean original, sin rastro de sandblasting, probablemente resultado de las campañas que contra esta técnica se han lanzado en los últimos tiempos.

In order to get the distressed look of our jeans, many companies have been using the sandblasting technique, a treatment that smooths, shapes and cleans the denim by forcing abrasive particles across it at high speeds. Usually with enough protection, and as a result, many workers have contracted silicosis, and incurable illness. For that reason Campaña Ropa Limpia has launched in Spain NO SANDBLASTING campaign. More information about it here. In that last proposals from the catwalks they use the original denim, with any trace of the sandblasting technique, probably as a result of the worldwide campaign against that painful technique.

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