Lotocoho, a world of symbols

by Marisa Fatás,

Lotocoho invents his own language starting from geometric coordinates. Interprets signs to translate them into symbols and so builds his own paradise in the world. Having defined the architecture, the landscape gets adapted to human scale and be transcribed into jewelry of gold, silver, copper, bronze, brass, gemstones or different kinds of wood.

Anna Tomich and Jorge López Conde, creators of this original jewelry brand since 2004, have made their pieces are present in specialized design shops, museums and art galleries and it can be found in cities like New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Lisbon, Madrid, Shanghai, Florence or Bangkok.

This dazzling international projection has been recognized by the Mediterranean Fashion Prize award, just received from the hand of Françoise Montenay, president of Chanel. And to celebrate they advance some clue of his new collection “China”.

Lotocoho | itfashion.com Lotocoho | itfashion.com Lotocoho | itfashion.com Lotocoho | itfashion.com

Anna Tomich  y Jorge López Conde, creadores de esta original marca de joyería desde 2004, han conseguido que sus piezas estén presentes en tiendas especializadas en diseño, museos o galerías de arte y pueden encontrarse en ciudades como Nueva York, París, Londres, Tokyo, Lisboa, Madrid, Shangai, Florencia o Bangkok.

Esta fulgurante proyección internacional se ha visto reconocida por el Mediterranean Fashion Prize, premio que acaban de recibir el de la mano Françoise Montenay, presidenta de Chanel. Y para celebrarlo nos avanzan alguna pista de su nueva colección, “China”.

Lotocoho | itfashion.com Lotocoho | itfashion.com

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