Bag follows shopping

by Sònia Vivó Sarrià,

Clarine Chin and Georgia Tribuiani Californian designers say no to paper-or-platic conundrum with, “And So it Goes”, a fresh redesign of the traditional mesh knoted market tote.

A totally handcrafted production, made it knot by knot with natural soft cotton cords and leather handles. Adapted to different praxis of shopping, And So it Goes launches onto this light, versatile, aesthetic, whose price range from 70$-95$, depending on three sizes available in or in

A project inspired in culture, art and tradition, which claim for a ecofriendly and sustainable modus vivendi, with the add value of giving a portion of the proceeds to the nonprofit organization, “The Clean Ocean Project”, with the aim of cleaning up Pacific waters.

Via: viewonfashion.