New heritage

by Estel Vilaseca,

It has been on the air during the last months. A group of young Spanish fasion designers are leading a coming back to the roots, defending artisanal techniques and heritage. They started individually. Manuel Bolaño from Barcelona with his exquisite handmade collections, Juan Vidal and his irresistible refined excess from Alicante and later, Moisés Nieto from Galicia. Slowly the group becomes more cohesive without pretending. We have to add at that point Leandro Cano with his meteoric ascension thanks to his deserved Designers For Tomorrow’s prize. We shouldn’t forget the creative Andrés Gallardo, who revolutionized the world of accessories with his porcelain necklaces. And close the circle the young brand Cucareliquia with their exclusive made in Spain bags. The replacement seems ready…¿When, how and where?