MPAM: the wild side of well-educated girls

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In the continuum of façades from the 19th century that align in Paris’ streets there are always surprises. Sometimes we can find buildings with pure geometric lines from the 60s and 70s, crazy post-modern shapes and, like here, an amazing Art Decó front. It’s nº 95, rue de Vaugirard, near Montparnasse. The vertical set of bow windows with enamelled tiles looks like a caterpillar going up to the roof.

Mon Paris à Moi Noelia Terrón Laya |


The most special things are always in the details. This picture from a shooting making of shows the organic shapes of the pleats of a Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2013 dress, which links to the unique style of Mariano Fortuny and his tunics of small pleats inspired in Ancient Greece.

Mon Paris à Moi Noelia Terrón Laya |


To take a rest in the middle of the day in the Haut Marais Merci is always a good option. This restaurant-shop has a relaxed ambiance, a café full of books and after lunch you won’t be able to resist taking a look at the shop, which will at times give you the impression that you are simply visiting a house. Moreover, Merci is a non-profit project: its owners are the creators of childrenswear brand Bonpoint, and all the benefits from the shop go to solidary projects.

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Paris Fashion Week starts and one of the first catwalk shows is that of Julien David. This transparent plastic invitation opens the doors to a collection that David has defined as “a well-educated girl who went out on her own and got a wild side”.

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There’s nothing like Asian restaurants to give us a clear idea of what we will eat in them even before we enter. In other restaurants we can only guide ourselves by the menu and its descriptions, but when we eat Asian food we can often see plastic replicas of the dishes, or at least detailed pictures. Here is a 70s-80s-style sign from a Japanese restaurant near Montparnasse promoting their sashimi.



In Paris the winter sky can remain grey for days. In this picture the sky blurs with the grey of the stone, while the golden statue shines in rue des Pyramides, next to the Louvre.

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