Mon Paris à Moi: past and present

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Mon Paris à Moi Noelia Terrón Laya |
Metro Concorde

Paris underground is like a tree trunk: the entrances and the platforms make us travel in time, jumping back and forth between past and present. The details of its most remote past are also the most characteristic, such as this sign in Concorde, which seems to take us back to the late 50s or early 60s. The bright red and green stand out from the stone wall, darkened by time.

Mon Paris à Moi Noelia Terrón Laya |


The new collections start to arrive to the shops, and this is the real period in between seasons: we can buy a couple of Spring pieces that will serve as spell. Thus, even if the sky is still grey and it feels cold, we already have in us the colours of the sun and warm weather.

Mon Paris à Moi Noelia Terrón Laya |

Blend Burguer

What defines a perfect burguer? It’s not only a matter of quality; it also needs to be able to surprise us. Eating a good hamburguer is a moment of rare perfection. In Paris there are a bunch of places that compete in their  ability to master not only the dish, but the whole culture that it entails. Blend is a small hideout between Etienne Marcel and the Place des Victories that, in its simplicity, has managed to define what they have to offer: “burguerness”.

Mon Paris à Moi Noelia Terrón Laya |

Lanvin shooting making-of

Working in fashion is like travelling in between seasons: wrapping oneself up in Summer, dressing up light in Winter, but it also includes the capacity to imagine how those garments will look when their season correspond with the weather. This picture from a shooting in February makes us travel to warmer lands. We can easily imagine this Lanvin dress in the wardrobe of Gloria Estefan, when she was part of Miami Sound Machine in the 80s…

Mon Paris à Moi Noelia Terrón Laya |

Saturday: coffee + Love magazine

Saturday mornings are made to sleep without an alarm clock, to wake up, have a cup of coffee and read magazines while the day starts to take shape. In that moment the world seems to stand still around the coffee, everything else has momentaniously ceased to exist.

Mon Paris à Moi Noelia Terrón Laya |

Blue door

Some parisian buildings open themselves to the streets with true gems, with doors that would fit a palazzo like this one in the boulevard de la Tour-Mabourg in the 7ème, where the marvellous blue tone of the wood intertwined with the stained glass windows and the stone bust on top give us the impression of being about to enter a magical place, some kind of domestic temple.