Future Light

by Daniela Cordero,

where is fashion going in terms of innovation?

We like to think of the future as an intrinsic action of speculation. In this way, these days we draw conclusions from very common topics, like the intersection between fashion and science, smart textiles, and technology applications in clothing, just to name a few.

But really, where is fashion going in terms of innovation? Photographer Atton Conrad and designer Hussein Chalayan present a possibility, with designs impossible for Prêt-à-Porter, but are admired by everyone who looks at them.

With the popular light painting technique -that captures the movement of light-, and as a rebellion against the common textile materials, Conrad created The Futures Light: photographed light trails in the dark, in long exposure with a remote trigger, using what he calls “light brushes”, to design patterns that draw dresses with exact precision.

The multi award winning designer Chalayan, has created a time lapse video of  a rose-dress opening and closing its petals, with an array of colors and light projected by 15,000 LEDs that were embedded in the fabric.

It’s a fact, postmodernism has found pleasure in sing praises of the power of any futuristic display, including lasers. In this way, the entitlledReadings collection challenges the traditional catwalk, with dresses embellished with Swarovski crystals, that resemble radiant sparks, when the laser hits them directly and when are deflected, the beams are projected into the surrounding space with abstract refeflections.

Certainly, analyzing the architectural, scientific and technological instruction by Hussein Chalayan’s catalog of ideas, could be a successful speculation exercise, that of fashion to a further reality.