From Russia with passion

by Laura González,

Fashion is my passion. With such a personal statement, Lusine Avetysyan recognizes knowing since she was little that the best way to express her artistic vision is fashion. And she does it in a versatile way: she’s a designer, photographer and much more. This 23 year old Russian seeks to create beauty and femininity giving emphasis to details and craftsmanship. Her icon par excellence is her beloved grandmother who always encouraged her to launch her own collections and the main source of inspiration is the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, her hometown. This huge collection of paintings and antiques is really where the ideas for each of the dresses come.

In the more contemporary, Lusine is absolute fan of Alexander McQueen’s legacy and until the opportunity to participate in the house arrives, she directs completely the design, creation and staging of her collections. The last one shows influences of Japanese art and the Renaissance, mixing traditional elements of the first (ocean waves, scaly surfaces and bright colors) with drama, tissues, their falls and prolific decoration of the second.

The main concept of each collection revolves around the choice of fabrics. She loves the veil, tulle and taffeta, and combines them for their lightness, strength and mistiness meanwhile. All items are handmade, from the corsets or sumptuous skirts to the ornaments. For each model, she designs a unique pattern, and adornes it with crystals and decorative stones. In addition, each of the looks is crowned by a headdress or hat also unique, created from natural materials such as plants, flowers, wood branches. Finally, she even does the makeup, which completes the theatricality of their designs, and shoots them. For them she chooses locations that emphasize the splendor of her designs. A story of what now seems impossible: the true Renaissance spirit emerges in this multidisciplinary artist and permeates their world both conceptual and implementation. Congrats.


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