Our exclusive club

by Iratxe López de Munain,

Everybody loved Miles.

We felt for him what one feels for the kind of people who always find the right words for every occasion. He knew how to pick the tone, look and gesture appropriate to each situation. We loved him especially when he lifted his head and touched his chin thoughtfully. We loved him even more when he folded his hands and placed them on the table. Very gently. And we loved him madly, absolutely, when he rose gracefully from his chair and smiled at us frankly before leaving the living room of our exclusive club.

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For this reasons, nobody said anything when he came next Friday afternoon accompanied by five singers. One of them was one-eyed and, obviously, none of them could sing.

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No words when on Saturday he entered on all fours, followed by a horrible and nasty man who smelled musty and like old soup. They didn’t stop making towers with the new porcelain cups until they fell and crashed into the ground, breaking into million pieces.

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The day after, he came with a beautiful, stunning woman that  was insulting us all the time and throwing everything she could get hold of at us. Neither said anything.

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Obviously, we also remained silent when we saw him on the back of the table with three really weird characters. One of them cried every time someone said “yes”, “no”, “maybe” or “when”. The other, was carefully combing his enormous moustache that left little breathing space to those who were at his side. And the third, a small woman, almost tiny, spoke so quietly that no one could hear her, which obviously caused her great irritation.

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Yesterday was Tuesday. All were having tea and were chatting when Miles arrived at our precious club escorted by a dozen crows, three panthers, a couple of huge bears and five ostriches. The Li sisters took such a fright that they immediately jumped out the garden window, breaking an ankle and several ribs. Mr. Mingot starting running while being persecuted by one of the panthers. He did not run fast enough. Mrs. and Mr. Laflor Melva had no luck and were swallowed up in one bite by one of the bears. Only Lena and I were able to jump up to one of the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Just in time.

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Today there is just two of us. Maybe we should say something now that Miles is with us and everything seems to be back to normal again. But we won’t. Some may not understand it, but the fact is that…we love him too much.

Credits clothes:

Image 01: Prada.
Image 02: from left to right Carven, Comme des Garçons, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Dolce&Gabanna y Etxeberria.
Image 03: Thom Browne, Ixone Elzo.
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