November , 15th Barcelona


by Anabel Luna,


Anabel Luna.


Jess Monterde.

Make Up and Hair

Rubén Mármol.


Paula Cot of Sight Managment and Sara of Blow Models.


Screen 01:

The girl on the left wears a Manifesto Reche blazer and silver top by Ahida Aguirre. Girl on the right wears a jacket by Ida Johansson and body of Martin Lamothe.

Screen 02:

Left, Antik Batik coat and Ahida Aguirre skirt. Right, Bernhard Willhelm glasses, Manifesto Reche blazer.

Screen 03:

Left: Transparent raincoat by Kling , Manifesto Reche top, Ida Johansson short. Right: Vest by Amaya Arzuaga, fringed skirt by Ana Locking, pants of LooksfromLondon and booties by Chie Mihara. On the right, Ana Locking coat, Amaya Arzuaga skirt and Chie Mihara booties.

Screen 04:

Left: Total look by AilantoRight: Antik Batik coat, Juanma by Elcuco dress, Chie Mihara boots.

Screen 05:

Left: body Martin Lamothe. Right: Ida Johansson total look, Chie Mihara booties.