October , 18th Barcelona


by Carlos Moreno,


Carlos Moreno González


Carlos Olivares


Patricia @Blow Models
Mykola @Sight Management


Screen 1: She: Eva Zingoni‘s dress. He:  Selim de Somavilla‘s shirt. Howitzweissbach’s trousers.
Screen 2: He: Selim de Somavilla‘s shirt. Howitzweissbach’s trousers. She, Martin Lamothe‘s suit.
Screen 3: Left: He is wearing Manuel Bolaño‘s coat, Juan Antonio Ávalos’s belt and Guess trousers. She, Eva Zingoni‘s dress and Zazo&Brull‘s leggins. Right: She wears Zazo&Brull‘s dress.
Screen 4 : Left: He: Gori de Palma‘s shirt and Selim de Somavilla‘s trousers. She is wearing Carlos Olivares dress. Right: Gori de Palma‘s shirt and Guess trousers. She, dress by Zazo&Brull.
Screen 5: Left: Gori de Palma‘s jacket and trousers and bib by Carlos Olivares. She, Gori de Palma‘s coat. Right: He, Selim de Somavilla‘s jersey and Gori de Palma‘s trousers. She wears dress by Manuel Bolaño.