willow knows

by Maike Moncayo,

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willow knows is a small brand known for silk pieces that breathe an unusual
purity and serenity
. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they hand-made in a small town in Virginia, where their creator, Jessica Lee, found the tranquility and breathing space to let their creative work grow. Beyond trends, with this first collection, willow knows advocates a relaxed and imperfect minimalism. A collection that is inspired by the textures and natural colors, it presents us timeless basics with their own unique personality.

Here, a short interview with willow knows designer Jessica Lee.

Who is the creator behind willow knows?

I’m Jess. Lovely to meet you.

How does the story of willow knows begin?

willow knows was born out of a strong connection with color, texture, and organic lines & shapes. Also a deep appreciation for nature and the beauty the universe shares with us. My work is always evolving and I hope that it brings joy to those who wear it. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to share the beauty I see with others.

Why hand-made?

Time, contemplation, and a level of intricacy is important to my process. These things can only be achieved when hand & heart are directly involved.

Where did the last willow knows collection part from?

A pale palette, balancing poses, and a longing for warmth.

What’s your perfect working soundtrack?

Currently: Simon & Garfunkel and a summer storm.

Who would you love to see wearing one of your pieces?

Those who appreciate mindfulness in design.