by Maike Moncayo,

“Slow versus “fast”, which one do you choose?

Etymologically, Utoption,  a collaborative experiment between Nadine Goepfert and Lisa Haag, seems to originate from “utopia” and “option”. An allusion to the possibility of an utopian world, if you are aware of the multiple options you can choose from. In particular, Utoption poses an interesting question about the nature of fast fashion. A project that reveals the importance of quality and function of fashion as imperatives for  responsable production politics and conscious consumerism. Parting from these normative guidelines, both designers developed two apparently identical collections, though radically different from each other. While the first collection opts for sustainable and durable materials in reference to that possible utopia, the second symbolically represents the wasteful clothing industry of today. Made entirely out of paper, these pieces encourage you to reflect upon the lavish shopping mentaliy that rules contemporary fashion. “Slow versus “fast”, which one do you choose?