Tincho & Lola: Sailing on asphalt

by Marí­a Pensi,

Tincho y Lola | Itfashion

Waves, the breeze of the sea, skin scraping by the salt, wind at full sail … and just one course. It’s what you feel by going sailing; you venture into an unknown world, just going from outside the human pace to the sea. – The direction of Tincho & Lola is similar, and turn those nautical fabrics from sailboats into backpacks, wallets, purses for bikes and for travel times; mates for adventure time.

A brand designed by Manuel Garzarón, through the collection “Sailors” during his postgraduate at the Domus Academy in Milan. Today, and for some months, Tincho & Lola, “name which comes from my two dogs, representing friendship, nature and authenticity” clarified his author, is formed by two creatives and product designers, Manuel and Irina Casal.

“We design as a group […], inspiring by distinguished designers of shoes, clothing, furniture, interiors, architecture and art, such as: Yuki MatsudaHerschel SupplyEamesAlvar Aalto and Ettore Sottsass. Being less conscious but strongly attached to our designs, there is the world of classic boats and all it comes with it as the noble materials such as wood, iron, capes and bronzes.” He claimed.

Manuel created Tincho & Lola in 2012 as a manifesto of his love for nature, travelling and water sports in the urban scene in a city like Buenos Aires. “I feel that the whole sailing world has a romance that caught me just ran my first mile,” confessed. And it is with that same love how they manufactured their products. “With the fabric of unused sails, besides being noble and durable, it carries a story that must be kept alive,” she says enthusiastically. That’s why I left engraved on each piece and the code number of the boat, which was part of the candle. Not only drag the story of that candle, it also gives you the feeling that you are also sailing in the road to something through another story.

The left engraved on each piece the code number of the boat, which was part of the candle, as if you were sailing.

“The pieces have the original colours, with exquisite care of labelling, including details of vegetable tanned leather, detachable strap on one side, magnetic lid closure, 3 zippered padded compartments (main, front and rear) and internal pocket, striped raincoat inside” he says.

Tincho & Lola doesn’t want to have limits “We sell only in America, but we would happily sell design for capitals such as Milan, New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, London or Barcelona”. So we would, giving in that way an air of freshness, adventure, freedom, and moreover giving you the security of staying on a sailboat, taking you somewhere, to the rhythm of the waves, making you feel you’re on track…

Tincho y Lola | ItfashionTincho y Lola | ItfashionTincho y Lola | ItfashionTincho y Lola | ItfashionTincho y Lola | ItfashionTincho y Lola | Itfashion