Sierra by Las Coleccionistas

by Maike Moncayo,

In a recent article for the New York Times Suzy Menkes was speaking of the digitalization of fashion – but not viewed from the perspective of the eternal discussion about the web 2.0 revolution, that dethroned traditional fashion communication as we knew it. No, Menkes went a step further, pointing at the fact that digital print has become a creative source and working material for emerging and institutionalized designers. From the digitally augmented flora in Mary Katrantzous creations, through the latest Marc Jacobs Resort collection and the digital manipulations by Nick Knight, one of the pioneers in this field. But while creators like Katrantzou have shown their computer skills, thus “creating a new fashion genre”, firms like Filed Under have explored digital print and its sartorial potential from a more simple stance, however, with equally interesting results: using silk scarves as a medium for pictorial works. A concept that blurs the boundaries between art and design through digital printing. Now the photography studio Las Coleccionistas has launched their own version made in Spain. A collection of delicate, hand sewn silk scarves that serve as canvases for a bucolic series of photographs titled “Sierra”.