rêve en vert

by Maike Moncayo,

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Online fashion shop rêve en vert is a project founded by Cora Hilts and Natasha Tucker and their small contribution to a better fashion world. Their philosophy? Merging high fashion with sustainable business ethics. Their desire is to cultivate an ethical, local, independent and sustainable production, supporting brands like Partimi and A Peace Treaty, which we have interviewed here in “it fashion, and which, just like rêve en vert, have embarked on the adventure of experimenting with  alternative production processes.

We chatted with Cora, the co-founder of this incredibly select and beautiful online shop.

What’s “guilt free shopping” for you?

For us, guilt free shopping is buying independently designed and produced pieces that are timeless and made to last. It also means shopping less and buying more significant pieces when you do.

Apart from their commitment to paving a sustainable future for fashion, what do the brands you feature in your shop have in common?

Great attention to artistic detail and an emphasis on high quality. All of the labels also have a good story behind them and are born from a place of passion and awareness. For instance, working with ancient weaving techniques out of Moldova to setting up workshops for artisans displaced due to socio-economic strife.

What’s your background in fashion? And how did you and your partner Natasha meet?

I worked at several high-end labels in Paris and New York where I saw the opportunity for change in the way fashion was being produced. Natasha and I had been friends for several years, and it was our mutual creative backgrounds and passion for sustainability that drew us together to start rêve en vert when I moved to London.

What are your favourite summer picks from reve en vert?

A Muzungu Sisters kaftan, Cala Ossidiani knot-back maillot, and a beautiful Peace Treaty necklace to accessorize.