Louise de Testa: Run the Sun

by Carmen Beunza,

Louise de Testa: Run the Sun | itfashion.com

Run the Sun collection by Louise de Testa is like a lazy Sunday with friends at the tennis court, when sun is starting to fade away and players just want to enjoy that last sunshine beams. Inspired by French photographer Lartigue ‘s iconic pictures of tennis player Suzanne Lenglen in the 1930’s; Run the Sun is made in France with an eco-design and under the leitmotiv of searching daily elegant comfort.

Aged three years old, Parisian Louise de Testa’s brand has had an exceptional journey. Last January she was in Hong Kong for the finale of the EcoChic Design Awards 2013, where she met “the incredible Orsola de Castro”, one of the judges of the EcoChic Design Awards and who is also curating Estethica, the sustainable emerging talent room at Somerset House in London. So, she then joined Estethica to “found there a great family of sustainable designers”.

Louise de Testa: Run the Sun | itfashion.com

After the collection, Run the Sun returns with the sporty aesthetic so representative from the brand. “There are two reasons, the first one is that sportswear is the sector in fashion which popularize the most innovative fabrics and techniques. It is a door to innovation which was open in my childhood when I was reading hundreds of sci-fi books. The second reason is that I like clothes to be efficient and useful, which convey to functionality”, she explains.

Louise de Testa: Run the Sun | itfashion.com

However, she insists the twist is to manage to design innovative clothes “which do not look like sportswear designs”. Especially for this collection, it seems her taste for classicism and tradition takes the upper hand. “On the pictures [Suzan Lenglen] is so smart and so dynamic, jumping and doing the splits on the field. It was a time where elegance was everywhere, and the idea of the collection was to keep this and add innovative fabrics”. Actually, if she had to define the collection in one word, Lenglen would be the one.

Run the Sun shows an interesting mixture between the “marquetry technique”, exported from the wooden furniture making tradition, and what De Testa calls ‘textile marquetry’,  a sustainable way to up-cycle wastes and contribute to the zero-waste patterns. “When we use classic patterns, wastes are generated. Instead of getting rid of them, we use even the smallest pieces to design geometric patterns that are inlaid in the clothes”, she says.

With lots of white and neon colour sparks to represent that sunshine search, Run the Sun experiments with many innovative fabrics like recycled fibers, “a wonderful game field to experiment”, to offer a clean collection for city women who have an active life and need comfortable and elegant clothes in all occasions.  “From their ride on the bicycle, wearing our reflective trench-coat, to a meeting or a drink in a elegant 3D mesh shirt-dress”.

Apart from her brand, this French designer keeps her busy teaching fashion design at the Atelier Chardon Savard, designing the new uniforms of Holland&Barret or working on a special accessory line with a craftman from Kyoto. It seems the sun is never down for her.

Louise de Testa: Run the Sun | itfashion.com Louise de Testa: Run the Sun | itfashion.com
Photographer: Mehdi Sef